Style Hive

good hair everyday

The Style Hive - £99PM

A club for the serial colourist. You will receive UNLIMITED partin, T-Line and half head highlights, regrowths and globalcolours.

As well you receive UNLIMITED cuts and blowdrys to make you look and feel great every day of the year.

Family Hive Club - £149PM

You will receive: 1x Style Hive club plus 1x's you partner and 2 children's hair cuts each and every month.

Blowdry Club - £49PM

Come and receive unlimited blowdrys every day... week... month of the year.

Save The Whales Wella Retail Club - £9.99PM

Buy a full price Invigo shampoo and conditioner and we will replenish your shampoo and conditioner as many times each month.


No contracts. Cancel at any time