Hairdressing Assistants are essential to the success of salons.  Here at In-Session we invest in our future stylists and have designed a course to create your perfect Assistant. We work with your Assistants to teach them about managing expectations, formal procedures but also to think outside the box in a working salon environment. We help each Assistant think how, why and what can be achieved with the most appropriate training foundations.  This course is a must for all Assistants to attend and will complete the course full of inspiration and knowledge


                                                                                                 £60 per person



Braids have been the most popular must have since 2016 and they are here to stay!  Braids take time and practise to master but with a little time with Tracey Rae and the In-Session Artistic  Team you will be a master braider from them most simple to the most complicated of braids.


£80.00 per person

Our Bespoke men's cutting course is tailored for each individual Stylist. You tell us where you are least confident or which techniques you want to be included or refreshed and we will make sure that you have all the training required to excel by the end of the day!! This course is a good all-round course designed for all stylists, from new to the most experienced artists. We can include specific looks that are important for your stylists/salon, skin fades and precision techniques to build your salon clientele. This course is led by the lead In-Session stylist David Rae, the winner of the UK Revlon StyleMasters 2018.



£150 per person



Hair up is a great way to express your hairdressing talents to the next level whether it might be causal, formal, artistic, photographic or bridal. In this hair up education led by David and Tracey Rae they will coverall all aspects of hair up from beginner to advanced separated into three separate courses that enables us to educate you at your pace.


£80.00 per person

There are many factors to analyse while creating Bridal hair from structure,make-up, hairpieces to the dress. Tracey Rae will educate you in the whole process within the bridal experience from start to finish.


£80.00 per person

Colour Pop is a colour course that delivers the art of Balayage, Ombre, Custom and Colour Popping. Led by Tracey Rae and the In-Session Artistic Team you will be able to improve and hone everything with creative colouring.


Tracey Rae specialises in colour and is part of the In-Session Artistic Team



£150.00 per person


Mind Shift is one of  In-Sessions signature courses and will teach  you  the  secrets  of  how  to  make  sure  your  artistry and photographs are noticed  and  even  award  winning. You will undertake a journey from the start to the end by using our Mind Shift technology - how to think outside the box to create something amazing and original. Led  by  David Rae, the UK StyleMasters Winner 2018 and  the ln-Session Art Team you  will  teach every   aspect  of  shooting  with  a  photographer  and other creative professionals.  We will give you step by step knowledge to create the perfect image and includes use for our resident hair specialist photographer, fashion stylist, live models and make-up artist. You will  finish this course with  your  own  edited  image of everything learned on the course.


£800.00 per person - Minimum of 3 candidates

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